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Welcome to Fan-FictionHQ, your fan fiction head quarters! Here, your work is not only welcomed, but celebrated!

Ground Rules:
1) Be kind!! We are all authors and word smiths here, so be respectful! Don't be a dingus, nobody likes a dingus!
2) Submit to the proper folders. If the folder for your deviation does not exist contact the founder. New folders will be created depending on demand.
3) Mature content is welcome. All mature content NEEDS to be marked as such! If it isn't it WILL be removed!
4) Don't be a dingus.

If you have any issues, concerns, comments or suggestions please feel free to note the founder! Everyone is welcome and your input is important!


Fallout: Tough Love Pt. 1 by royal-tarts Fallout: Tough Love Pt. 1 :iconroyal-tarts:royal-tarts 8 10 Tough Love Pt. 2 by royal-tarts Tough Love Pt. 2 :iconroyal-tarts:royal-tarts 2 4 SKYRIM: In His Court Pt. 4 by royal-tarts SKYRIM: In His Court Pt. 4 :iconroyal-tarts:royal-tarts 21 2 Skyrim: In His Court Pt. 3 [CLEAN Ver.] by royal-tarts
Mature content
Skyrim: In His Court Pt. 3 [CLEAN Ver.] :iconroyal-tarts:royal-tarts 12 8
Skyrim: In His Court Pt. 2 by royal-tarts Skyrim: In His Court Pt. 2 :iconroyal-tarts:royal-tarts 11 8 Skyrim: In His Court Pt. 1 by royal-tarts Skyrim: In His Court Pt. 1 :iconroyal-tarts:royal-tarts 57 37
Forgive the Insubordination - Chapter Seven
Title: Forgive the Insubordination
Author: mpissott
Game: Mass Effect
Characters/Pairings: Garrus Vakarian/Femshep (Noelle Shepard)
Disclaimer: All recognizable content belongs to Bioware.
Garrus was concerned; he hadn’t heard from Shepard all night after leaving Noveria.  He had seen the toll the mission had taken on her, and this spontaneous disappearance did not quell his worries.  He decided that he would go up to the mess hall to eat, and if he still hadn’t seen her by then, he would check in her room.  If he was really being paranoid and she was okay, he could play it cool because he had to talk to her about Dr. Saleon, anyway.
A few hours later, Garrus entered the mess hall and anxiously ate his dinner, practically swallowing it whole.  Realizing that no one had seen Shepard all night, he decided it was finally time to check on her.  He knocked on her door, not wanting to enter on his own if she really was okay.  After two minutes with n
:iconmpissott:mpissott 6 1
Kannao: Long Time Coming
Title: Long Time Coming
Pairing: KanjixNaoto of Persona 4
Disclaimer: I do not claim to own any of the characters or places in my story as they belong to Atlus. I do not make any money on my writing. This is strictly for fun and enjoyment.
After this many years, I can’t believe he still wants to go on a date. We’d lost touch for so long after he went away for school, I thought he may have forgotten me. But here I am, wearing a nice blue spring dress, waiting anxiously for him to arrive. That’s right, Naoto Shirogane is wearing a dress. The faster we move on from this fact, the faster I can hopefully forget and feel more comfortable. Why wear it at all? Well, I want to give him a nice surprise, I guess. Make the day more special. Honestly, despite that I’m still wondering if I should change since we agreed to go on a picnic. I’m afraid my choice of attire is poor for such a thing. But it’ll be kind of cute to sit sidesaddle on a quilt in the park on a
:iconstormwildcat:StormWildcat 26 17
P4 KanNao: Mystery Letter
Description: My first first person fanfic in Naoto's POV! Please enjoy the adorable!
I love a good mystery. It takes me to another place. A place where I'm the could-be hero if I'm observant and intelligent enough. Honestly I believe these qualities should be the base of any hero. Puzzles left up to me to solve make my heart pump. Give me a crime and a lead and leave me alone. I can guarantee that I'll have it solved before you can say "Sherlock".
But this is different. There is no crime so-to-speak. At least not that I know of. All I have is a letter from my shoe locker.
What is it with people at this school and leaving me notes? I've only been in Inaba for roughly a year and I've a decent-sized collection of letters in a drawer at home. Some of them were from confused girls, sealed with a kiss sticker and laced with perfume. Obviously they hadn't heard from the rumor mill yet that I was their gender, though some of them may not have cared.
Either way, none of the letters were importa
:iconstormwildcat:StormWildcat 39 33
Alexithymia - Reader X Ryoji Mochizuki
A languid silence is haunting the eerily still air as you gracefully lean back, catching yourself to sit with your legs outstretched. A few tall stalks of grass tickle the bare skin underneath your ear, and you watch as the clouds high above cast shadows across the rolling landscape. The sky is in a constant twilight, a sad shade of blue with overpowering hints of pink bedecked with twinkling stars. There is no moon to speak of, and you welcome the serene landscape and lack of light, for you feel that it’s the atmosphere that has the crystalline tears delicately trailing the contours of your face. You haven’t allowed yourself to openly cry in months. For this time of solitary, you are grateful.
There’s a soft crunching of grass, but you do not bother to turn. Here, no one can hurt you. You have no reason to be afraid.
“I didn’t expect to see you here,” Ryoji effortlessly takes his place beside you, resting his forearms across his raised knees. From t
:iconmamamarzipan:MamaMarzipan 26 9
Morning Delights
The Dark Hour and everything within it, Akihiko thinks, is and forever will be an enigma.
The way its mysterious origin was born years ago only to produce a seemingly interminable trickle of Shadows into the halls of Tartarus. The way in which only a select handful of possibly random individuals are chosen to face its horrors despite the burden the extra hour weighs on the human body's stamina attempting to prevent any person's survival during the supernatural sixty minutes. The way those unable to feel their way into the Dark Hour morph into coffins, as if already dead but ready to chatter, slumber, and laugh on when the clock hits 12:01. The way electricity circuits to a death as if broken and vandalized for the entirety of the hour, only to be restored at the Dark Hour's end to complete restoration. All of it, no matter which aspect Akihiko ruminates over with more precision than the other, is outright strange.
Shinjiro Aragaki, however, Akihiko thinks is stranger.
He's known the bo
:iconveterization:Veterization 2 4
Twisting the Knife Chp 2: Necessity

“Oi, Saskia, wake up.” Levi shook her shoulder.
“Ngh…What time is it?” A pair of sleepy green eyes struggled to open, barely able to see any more than a familiar silhouette in the darkness of her bedroom.
“Time to go.”
“Go do paperwork?” she yawned, trying to lift her head from the pillow
“No dumbass, the sun is barely up. There’s no paperwork to do yet.”
“Then I’m going back to sleep.” Her eyes fluttered shut as her head dropped down to the pillow and she rolled over facing the wall. Levi pulled her pillow out from underneath her and hit her over the head with it.
“Get your lazy ass out of bed!” he barked.
She bolted upright, nose wrinkled as always when agitated. “Do you want me to sleep or not?!” she shrieked. “Make up your mind!” She grabbed the pillow, hugging it to her chest and fell back down on the bed, curling up into a bal
:icontaoandthen:TaoAndThen 21 21
Back to School Contest: First Day
   Szayelaporro Granz slipped out of his street shoes, pulling a pair of slippers from his locker. All around him, students talked, laughed, and generally made annoyances of themselves as they caught up with their ghastly friends.
   "Senpai! Senpai! Happy first day of school, Senpai!"
   He mentally groaned, trying to ignore the chattering twin underclassmen that had appeared next to him. Lumina and Verona had been following him around since their first year.
   He took off his white bone glasses, exchanging them for a "normal" pair. The school administration had a thing about masks, and students had to take them off before heading for class.
   "Cut it out!" Szayel snapped, whirling on the twins. "I just got in the door, can't the whining wait until Science Club? Besides, I have to get to class."
   "But, Senpai... "
   Without waiting for the response, the pink-haired student turne
:iconxovinx:Xovinx 5 8
Twisting the Knife Chp 3: Back to the Wall
July 1st, 844, Survey Corps Training Grounds
“We have an act to keep up, in case you forgot. We can’t afford to parade our true intentions around, something we’ll inadvertently end up doing should we not maintain the ruse. The Military Police would tear the Survey Corps apart for harboring a fugitive and you may very well spend the rest of your years behind bars. Very, very unsanitary bars at that. So I’m only going to say it once more. Pretend that I’m training you.”
Levi pretended to give her words careful consideration. “…no. You can say it all you want. Doesn’t mean I’m going to listen to you.”
Saskia dropped her forehead into her palm, sighing exasperatedly. He is by far the most unruly and obnoxious cadet I have ever encountered in my twenty-two years. “What do you gain from being so stubborn with me?”
“Entertainment,” he replied with a shit-eating grin.
:icontaoandthen:TaoAndThen 24 27
[Gin Ichimaru] Persistency Is Key
Looking around, [Name] nodded approvingly at her current workspace and smiled. She had gathered up everything she would need to make her infamous French Vanilla cake. She grabbed a large mixing bowl and went straight to work, sifting her flour, cracking her eggs and so on. [Name]'s attention was so focused on the challenge before her, she didn't notice a certain silver-haired man sneak into her kitchen until he was directly behind her, wrapping his strong arms around her thin waist. "Heya, [Name]-chan," his smooth voice whispered, and she felt his warm breath on her neck as he rested his chin on her shoulder. "Whatcha up to, darlin'?"
A smile immediately appeared on [Name]'s face from contact with the man she cared so much for, but her main focus remained on her current task, as she expertly mixed together the ingredients and poured them into a cake pan. "Isn't it obvious?," she questioned, a mocking tone in her voice. "I'm baking, Gin." She paused for a moment and glanced over at Gin,
:iconshinoxx:ShinoXx 228 41
Mature content
Amaretto :iconzet-sway:Zet-Sway 26 15
November is upon us, and you know what that means?
Only a few more weeks before Dragon Age Inquisition comes out!

While some of our members may not be a part of that fandom I'd love to talk about what plans others have for their characters in this game!

Tell me about your inquisitors!
What race are the going to be?
Who are they going to romance?
What's their back story?
What character's are you excited to see?
Who's going to make up your party?
How are you going to decorate Skyhold?

Curious minds want to know!!
More Journal Entries










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